campfire cooking

The cooking fire is the heart of your off-grid and survival cooking endeavors. And while it may seem to the beginner that all fires and fire woods are the same, there’s actually a big difference. Whether you’re cooking over a fire for fun or during an emergency, these ten areas are your keys to success.

1. Your fire should be producing flames to boil and fry foods
2. A bed of coals are needed to roast, bake, and broil food
3. Food is much less likely to burn at gradually decreasing temperatures
4. Food is much more likely to burn if temperatures are increasing
5. Most hard woods are good fire woods, but there are a few that burn poorly
6. A bed of hard wood coals will keep a fire burning steadily
7. Learn which foods have parasites, and which foods need to be cooked until well-done.
8. Split wood burns better than whole chunks.
9. Bark is not usually very flammable, remove it before burning.
10. Never walk away from food cooking over an open fire!

Any others we should add to the list?