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Plastic bottles show up as trash all around the world, but to a crafty survivor, this trash can become treasure. These are just ten of the many survival uses for the cast-off plastic bottle.

1. Fish trap
By cutting the “shoulder” and neck off the bottle, and inverting it back into the empty bottle, you can make a very functional trap for very small fish (like minnows), crayfish, and other small aquatic creatures. These could be food for you in a survival situation, or bait.

2. Fire starter
The right clear water bottle with smooth shoulders can be filled with clear water and used to start an optical fire—when paired with strong sunlight and dark tinder.

3. Eye protection
A strip cut from the side of a two-liter bottle can act as an improvised set of glasses to protect your eyes from dust and sand. Just attach a cord to each end of the plastic strip and size it correctly to wrap around your head to complete your DIY “goggles.”

4. Survival kit
A large-mouthed water bottle can act as a waterproof survival kit container.

5. Water filter
I know, just about everything can be a water filter. So it shouldn’t shock you to add a water bottle to the list. Cut off the large end of the bottle, pack it with fibrous material, and let water trickle through it and out the bottle mouth. It won’t be safe to drink after this crude filtration, but it will be much more clear—which can assist with other disinfection methods.

6. Tinder box
Since plastic bottles are waterproof, they make a great place to store dry tinder, matches, and match striker strips.

7. Water boiler
In large-mouthed bottles (like Nalgene drinking water bottles), you can drop hot stones into the water-filled bottle to boil the water for disinfection. Make a set of wooden tongs to move the hot stones out of the fire, and use the tongs to replace the stones in the bottle with new hot ones – once each stone cools down.

8. Flotation Assistant
An air-filled water bottle, tucked inside your clothing, can help to keep you afloat in open water survival.

9. Emergency Signal
If you hang up colorful bottles in a prominent place, they could inspire search and rescue personnel to take a closer look in that area—your area.

10. Water Carrier
Disinfect some water, tie a string around the bottleneck, and use the bottle for its intended purpose—to carry water!

Hope you had fun with this post. Leave us a comment to share different ideas about water bottles for survival.