Most people from my generation have heard of the band Three Dog Night. But did you know that the phrase originates from the description of a night so cold that you had to keep one dog on each side of you and one at your feet?

Curling up with your pet to stay warm certainly does work, just ask the authorities of Elgin, SC, who have recently credited one family dog with keeping a missing 2-year-old boy safe and warm as he spent a night lost outside with temps in the 40s.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says the little boy was found curled up with his dog behind a nearby house, earlier this month.

The mother reported the little boy missing on a Friday night. Kershaw County Deputies used bloodhounds and a helicopter to search for the lost toddler late into the night, but searchers found nothing.

Sheriff Matthews says the family’s part-Labrador retriever sniffed the boy out, and kept watch over him through the night.

Dogs have help mankind survive for thousands of years, hunting side by side with us, and guarding us from predators – both human and animal. But what are the best breeds for survival dogs? Hunting dogs, guard dogs, a little of both? What’s your favorite breed?

Photo: Kodi