Antibiotics have been saving lives for a long time. A recent chemical analysis of the 2,000-year-old bones of ancient Nubians shows that they were ingesting the antibiotic tetracycline on a regular basis, most likely in their delicious beer.

But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, like beer, or in this case, antibiotics.

The recent overuse and misuse of antibiotics, and the significant amount of antibiotics in the animal links of our food chain are causing new strains of bacteria to emerge. These newly evolved “Super Bugs” are tough enough to resist all but our strongest antibiotics.

How Will Super Bugs Affect Us?
Healthy men, women and children are not going to drop dead from eating, drinking or breathing in the strong bacteria of our antibiotic-rich new world. But healthy people are contracting very nasty infections that are difficult to treat, and which do lead to fatalities.

The most common problem of having highly resistant bacteria in our world is that these lethal bugs will prey upon our weak and our vulnerable. The elderly, infants and anyone who is recovering from injury, illness or surgery are the most vulnerable to Super Bugs.

Imagine that you needed to go to the hospital as the result of an emergency, but going there would carry as much risk as staying home and tending your own wounds with witchcraft.

The Current Super Bug
Something wicked is already here. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is the most common and widely known antibiotic-resistant bacteria. There are two types of MRSA. One is a form that affects hospital patients. The other, more creepy strain is found in communities, attacking people of all ages who have not even been near a medical facility, including athletes and those who use locker rooms, kids in daycare centers, soldiers and tattoo recipients. Nearly 500,000 people a year are hospitalized with MRSA worldwide, and about 19,000 deaths a year are linked to MRSA in the US.

**How Do You Keep From Catching This Bacteria? **
Stomp out its breeding grounds, for starters. Our little global community needs to stop acting like such filth mongers. None of us can afford for the cleaning guys to do a half-assed job cleaning public places and medical facilities. All of us need to wash our hands or use sanitizer several times a day, especially in public. We should all insist that our doctors and nurses wash or sanitize their hands right in front of us.

Our health care providers and cleaning crews aren’t going to like us telling them how to do their jobs, but I guarantee you they are not as interested in your personal safety as you are.