These little eight-legged freaks can carry and transmit Lyme’s Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and several other illnesses.

You can avoid all these dreaded ailments by exercising a few easy tick prevention methods.

• Wear light-colored long pants and other light-colored clothing as you hike around. The more skin you can cover the better; and the light color will help you spot the dark colored ticks as they climb up your clothes.

• Keep your pants’ cuffs tucked into your socks. No, it’s not super sexy, but it can keep the ticks out of your britches.

• Dope up your clothes heavily with bug repellent. Use the strongest stuff you can buy and feel good about using, conventional or all natural. Use DEET on your skin, and Permanone on your clothing. Or, if a little poison puts you off, use the finest essential oil repellent available.

• Finally, check yourself often for ticks. Especially check in crevices, nether regions and areas where your clothing is tight against your skin, like your waistband and the top of your socks. Use a mirror or have someone special check for ticks in all the places you cannot directly view.

If you do find a tick biting you, carefully pull it straight out using tweezers to grasp the tick’s head. Or, better yet, use a specialized tick-removing tool, available at your local camping store.

So how many ticks have you pulled off in one day? My record is 37.