You’ve probably heard about the “Ten Essentials,” right?

It’s kind of a Top Ten List of things to keep you alive, if you find yourself in an emergency situation. The list varies from source to source, but these ten items usually comprise a knife, a light, a whistle, food and water, some form of shelter, first aid gear, navigation equipment and fire-making gear. Most lists also recommend sun protection, like glasses and sunscreen.

Now, wouldn’t you be excited if somebody put three of these vital, life-saving essentials in one item?

The folks at Adventure Medical Kits have created a new tool for survival that has done just that, incorporating 3 survival essentials in one tidy little package. The SOL Core Lite knife is a handy back-up knife that has both a 100-decibel whistle and a 10-lumen LED light built into it.

The Core Lite orange in color, meaning you’ll easily be able to spot it if you drop it. The AUS 8 steel on the 1.85-inch long blade is good quality. The LED bulb slowly sips power, giving you 15 hours of light. And that whistle…I still haven’t regained full hearing since trying it out. Not bad for a 1.38-ounce knife.

For version 2.0 I’d like to see a more assertive liner-lock and a more rigid, durable handle. But other than that, it’s a great back-up tool, and it would be a perfect addition to one of Adventure Medical Kits’ first aid packs.