We’re looking for stories to be used in the new Outdoor Life Survival Manual, coming to bookstores everywhere in 2012. If we use your story, your name will appear in the book and you’ll win a new set of Buck knives. The book is currently being written, so write your story in the comments section now! If you don’t have a good story on one of these topics? Don’t worry! We’ll be asking for more stories on different topics every month.

Contest 1: I Foiled a Home Intruder!

Tell us how you handled a home intruder, burglar or home invasion situation. The story can be funny (maybe you hit him over the head with a frying pan), scary (you were tied up but managed to escape), or somewhere in between.

Write your story in the comments section below for your chance to win.

Contest 2: My Best Travel Tips

What’s the one thing you would tell someone about to travel to a foreign country? Can be offbeat (“Always carry duct tape!) life-saving (“Carry an emergency contact card in your wallet with next-of-kin, any vital medical info, and other crucial data. Your passport tells people none of this.”) or anything else. Keep it short and sweet and enter in the comments section below.