As we get ready for hunting season, it’s time to consider the survival gear that we will be taking along with us. And as we wander off the beaten path, we should be carrying the equipment to handle the most common emergencies that we could face in the field.

1) If you need daily heart medicine, blood pressure pills, insulin or any other vital meds, bring an extra supply of them on all your outdoor trips. Also bring any event-related medications like asthma inhalers in case of an attack, or epinephrine pens if you are allergic to bee stings or certain foods.

2) A fully charged cell phone or 2-way radio in a waterproof container could be your ticket home.

3) Wear appropriate clothing and outer wear. Skip the cotton in most conditions, unless you are trying to activate your life insurance policy.

4) Lighters and other fire makers should be scattered throughout your equipment and clothing.

5) A metal cup to boil water provides you a safe and unlimited water supply, providing you have water to begin with.

6) Bring a rugged, waterproof light source, like a headlamp.

7) Carry a whistle and other signaling equipment.

8) Bring an emergency shelter like a space blanket or a Heat Sheets emergency bivy from Adventure Medical Kits.

9) Carry a quality knife for dozens of obvious reasons.

10) You’ll need a first aid kit to keep the red stuff in, and the bad stuff out.

11) An emergency food supply can give you energy to keep going, and you’ll sleep warmer at night with a little food in your belly.

12) Water purification tablets and a container for water should be on your list.

13) Bring a map and compass, or a GPS.

What else do you bring on your hunts? What do you wish you had brought last time out? Let us know in the comments.

photo: yotut