Would you rush toward a burning vehicle with a random group of bystanders in order to lift that vehicle off a man trapped underneath? Would you do so if there was a very real danger that the burning car could explode at any second?

One lucky motorcycle rider had better start working on a good way to say “thank you” to a group of a dozen good Samaritans who performed the dangerous and heroic task of lifting the burning, 3,800-pound car to pull him to safety. Remarkably, the whole rescue was caught on video by a Utah State University graduate student.

The motorcyclist, Brandon Wright of Logan, Utah, collided with the car and was pinned underneath it on Monday on his way to study at a computer lab at the university. As seen in the dramatic video, the people on the scene rushed to the young man’s aid and lifted the car up, while one of the construction workers pulled Wright free of the wreckage. Even the car’s driver was involved in the rescue operation, which was as fast and seemed as coordinated as if the rescuers were trained professionals.

One of the rescuers, James Odei, told The Associated Press, “The danger? I didn’t think about it for a minute.” Odei, a doctoral candidate from Ghana studying statistics at U.S.U., said, “All I wanted to do was grab that car and raise it.”

“I’m just very thankful for everyone that helped me out,” Wright told The AP by telephone from the hospital where he is being treated for two broken legs, a broken pelvis, burns on his left foot, cuts to his forehead and a bad case of road rash. “They saved my life,” he said.