Warning: the following video contains graphic content. View discretion advised.

In this exclusive clip from Discovery Channel’s new season of Man, Woman, Wild, former Special Forces survival expert Mykel Hawke gets up close and personal with a wild pig. Warning: the animal is dispatched on camera and it might be a little much for some viewers.

In the fourth episode that airs this Friday at 9 p.m. on Discovery, Mykel and Ruth’s rubber raft deflates on the edge of a sprawling mangrove swamp on the uninhabited side of Andros Island in the Bahamas. With only a canteen of water, knives and the clothes on their backs, they must make their way through the tangled mangroves and out to safety.

As in all of Mykel and Ruth’s survival scenarios, they eat only what they can hunt and gather themselves. After seeing pig tracks, Mykel explains how to build a spring snare. He places it next to a thicket near the tracks. When they return and find the pig ensnared, Mykel must finish him off and Ruth learns how to clean and dress their quary.

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