Here’s what we know: A small northern Russian village had an unpleasant visitor last week. A polar bear wandered through town and considered having a local woman for a snack. The name of the town hasn’t surfaced yet, nor has the woman’s name or the extent of her injuries.

In the clip you can see the animal clawing at her and flinging her body into the air like a rag doll before the polar bear is finally scared away. The bear retreats after one bystander makes a great shot, hitting the bear in the face with a can.

I don’t know what is the oddest thing about this video: That there are polar bears creeping around back alleys in Russia; that someone had a camera phone handy, but didn’t feel like helping the woman; or that the woman was able to walk away from the attack relatively unscathed. Say what you will about Russia, but apparently they have some tough women there.

So what can you do to deal with a polar bear on your next trip through the back alleys of a remote Russian village? Avoid an attack with a few easy tips:

• Never travel alone. The buddy system works in all kinds of survival scenarios. Travelling in a group will keep you safer against big animals or Siberian street gangs.

• Be noisy. This lets the animals and the other denizens of the backstreets know that you are coming, so they are not caught off guard and further enraged.

• Prowl the web until the name of the village where this attack happened surfaces, and then never go to that village.

• Finally, don’t travel unarmed. The flying can was surprisingly effective on this beast, but I wouldn’t rely on it every time.