Being a traditionalist, I have always been a map-and-compass guy when it comes to navigation. But that was before I found out how easy navigation can be with Bushnell’s D-Tour GPS. No, I’m not planning to throw my compass away, but I have warmed up to the usefulness of this user-friendly navigation device.

This handy little guy is a bantam weight at 6 ounces, but it gives you digital compass, clock, thermometer, altitude reading, walking speed, distance covered and it provides latitude/longitude coordinates. I know you’re probably thinking, “Where’s the catch?” If there is a problem, I haven’t found it.

To operate the D-Tour, all you have to do is:

• Mark the spot where you start your trip with the push of one button

• Go anywhere

• Get back to where you started by simply following the big, easy-to-read arrow

• Record your track for future reference

Best of all, once you return from your epic adventure, you can upload up to 48-hours of trip data to a PC or Mac to see exactly where you went in the wild. It is compact enough to store in a pocket or clip to your pack, and vital enough to be a great survival kit addition. You can upload your trips to Bushnell’s free application, and also overlay your recordings onto Google maps. Mark your favorite fishing hole. Easily find your treestand in the pre-dawn darkness. Use it to get back to the truck after the hunt.

Although it comes in a forest green color, I’d steer you toward the red casing. You don’t want to lose this great tool.