Across the globe, there are many nutritious wild foods that fall into the category of “delicacies” (read here: nasty stuff). Whether it’s some poor creature’s eyeballs or a revolting fungus, you need a cast iron stomach to eat these little treats from Mother Nature.

The Most Chewy

Though it’s high in protein and minerals, and heavily used in processed meats, few of us ever try lung “meat” by itself as a food. If you try to cook lung slices, you’ll quickly find out why it’s not a popular item: It’s as chewy as a rubber tire. In fact, I would argue that it is un-chewable by human teeth. I have both fried it and boiled it, to no avail. While I could chew it like bubble gum, and it didn’t taste bad, I just couldn’t chew it down small enough to swallow any of the pieces.
The Most Bitter**

Tree nuts like bitternut hickory and black oak are acrid and bitter, and yet they represent some of the highest food values of the annual fall harvest. But I think the attractive, shiny green leaves of wintercress wins the battle of bitter wild foods. It sucker punches you by starting out with a taste like mustard greens, then coating your mouth with bitterness unlike any other safe wild food. Vile! Yet it is very funny when you trick someone else into eating it.
The Most Sour**

Sheep sorrel is one of the most sour-tasting wild greens that you’ll run across in the USA. I actually love it though, but this is coming from a guy who doesn’t mind drinking pickle juice on a hot day (just for the electrolytes). Sour greens give your taste buds a workout.

The Most Greasy

Leg bone marrow is by far the greasiest wild food out there. It’s the closest thing to fast food in the wild. Just crack open some deer leg bones, scoop out the marrow and use it to fry other foods by melting it in a skillet over the fire. And, believe it or not, the marrow solids fry up like little bits of bacon. Delicious! Try it for yourself on your next hunt. There are about 1,000 calories in the marrow of four deer legs.

The Worst Looking

There are many foods that tie for first place in this category: Roasted Deer brains served right out of the skull; fish bone and weed soup; slow cooked bird feet; eyeballs (the food that looks back); or just some creepy looking edible mushrooms. Take your pick of the worst looking, but remember that appearance isn’t everything. Don’t turn your nose up at ugly wild foods, because at the end of the day – food is food.

So what’s the worst looking or tasting thing you ever ate? Let us know in the comments.