National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers" Show Gets Mixed Reviews

For reasons both good and bad, I find myself fascinated by National Geographic's new television show Doomsday Preppers. This unusual new program gives us a window into the lives, minds and disaster plans of seemingly ordinary people from all around the United States who share one common tie -- they think that disaster will befall the American way of life.

The concerns and fears of these individuals and families range from earthquakes to economic collapse, and from solar-flare-induced power failures to an extreme oil crisis: any of which could lead to the unraveling of society as we know it.

In all honesty, I was dreading the fact that I had to watch the show in order to write this post. Now, I must admit, I am very curious to see the next group of people that come out of obscurity to share their views and their way of life. I do not count myself as a prepper, nor do I think that my head is buried in the sand (or elsewhere). But this show has certainly given me some interesting points to ponder. I'll give National Geographic this -- the program is nothing, if not thought provoking.

Even the comments on the Doomsday Prepper's National Geographic Blog are intriguing. While some viewers are praising the program as a valuable educational resource, it shouldn't be too much of a shock that others are not so thrilled with the show.

A disgruntled viewer posted "…this is a sickness akin to hoarding." and "The para military aspect of each of these families is chilling…"

A prospective looter even wrote "Thanks for letting us know about where you all are and what type of goodies you have available."

Let us know what you think of the show by leaving a comment. Don't be shy. Remember that on the internet -- everyone has an opinion, a soap box and very little fear of reprisal.

You can see more about the show on National Geographic's official program site.