How to Use a Sharpie in a Survival Situation

I’ll be the first to admit this. Up until recently, I would never have imagined that a Sharpie could be … Continued

I’ll be the first to admit this. Up until recently, I would never have imagined that a Sharpie could be a lifesaving or life altering piece of gear. And I was always puzzled as to the reason that many disaster prep specialists had permanent markers high up on their short lists of equipment. But then I began studying the ways that these markers could help us in times of crisis.

#1 Leaving Notes And Making Signs

Need to meet up with somebody and communications are down? Lost your pet after the tornado? Then leave a note, or use some cast-off material to make a sign. The permanent marker will put your message out there.

#2 So They Know How To Make Out Your Tombstone

This one’s a little grim, but in really bad emergencies you can use your marker to write your name or your Social Security Number on your limbs and torso. If you’re thinking about that one, you’re in a bad scenario, which brings us to number three.

#3 I Bequeath Unto My Nephew The Following…

Yep, you guessed it. You could use your marker to scribe out your last will and testament. You can write this up on a flat rock, or a car hood, or even on your favorite shirt. Of course, due to your stressful survival situation, no lawyers or courts will honor your last wishes, and all kinds of vicious gold digging battles will break out after your demise. I’d say that’s all the more reason to stay alive. But you should still have a will, and a homemade one is better than none at all.

#4 Trail Blazing

Sorry to start with the somber stuff, but I wanted to leave you on a positive note. With a simple permanent marker, you now have the ability to write and make marks on virtually any dry surface. Did you get lost? A marker (plus a little survey tape) can indicate trails that you can use to prevent further wandering, and create weatherproof trails so that rescuers can better find you. Don’t have the survey tape? Then write on surfaces on which the marker will show up, smooth rocks, bark-less logs, or whatever.

What else would you use a permanent marker for in an urban disaster or a wilderness survival scenario? Let us know in the comments.