Fans of classic survival books should remember a time when it was encouraged to carry around a candle nub for survival purposes. I don’t know why it’s not on the radar very much anymore, especially with 5 great survival uses like these.

Emergency Light: In non-windy conditions, a candle can light your way and give you enough light to work. If it is windy, you can rig a wind screen by cutting a piece off an aluminum can or putting the candle inside a clear glass container.

Fire Accelerant: Light the candle, drip some wax on your tinder or kindling, and then light the fire with the candle’s open flame. If you could afford to sacrifice the candle, you can even build the fire lay around the candle, then light it up and let it burn away.

Fire Bow Lubricant: Put a small flake of wax into the bearing block of a bow drill. It will melt and become slippery, thereby freeing up the top of the drill and focusing the friction at the bottom of the drill.

Improvised Survival Fishing Lure: Different wax formulas have different buoyancies, but any of them can be warmed up and wrapped around a hook to create a false grub or maggot.

Cooking: While a candle nub can’t be used to grill up a steak, it does generate enough heat to warm up tea, coffee, soups and other types of food and drink. Just rig up a little stand to support your cook pot, under which you can place your candle. A couple of bricks or rocks work perfectly.

Got other uses for a candle nub? Let us know in the comments.