When you are a long way from a dentist, and your teeth start giving you trouble, you’ll need a very specific set of medical items to bring yourself relief. With that very specific need in mind, the forward thinking folks at Adventure Medical Kits created the [Dentalmedic kit]( Medic&product=270).

This ultralight zip-top bag contains the essentials for treating dental ailments and injuries when no dentist is near. It could even be handy over a weekend trip, or anytime a qualified dentist isn’t available. This 3.5-ounce kit contains:

Dental first aid instructions:
1 tea bag for pain relief (moisten the bag and place it on your tooth and gum to reduce swelling, bleeding, and pain)

2 packages of Benzocaine 20% for pain relief

1 dental wax temporary filling

1 tube of temporary cavity filling mixture

5 cotton pellets and 5 cotton rolls to give you cottonmouth like you are really at the dentist

1 box of dental floss and 3 toothpicks

Having grown up with (and still maintaining) a raging sweet tooth with all the cavities to prove it, this kit is my new “must have item” for any trip. I never know when a filling or crown might fall out, or if I’ll crack a tooth tooth, but I feel a lot more secure with this tiny package stowed in my gear. The Dentalmedic bag measures 5 x 5.25 x 1 inches, and is packed in a waterproof bag. All this can be yours for a mere $15.