How to Fund Your Preparedness Plans

With our wounded economy limping along as pathetically as a run-over possum, and no apparent relief in sight, you might be wondering if you can afford to buy emergency supplies and survival gear right now. Car and home payments, light bills and groceries do seem to have most of our attention these days. But does this mean that we just forget about preparedness? Or put off our purchases until “better times?” What if there are no “better times” ahead?

Most often, if you really want something, you’ll find a way to make it happen. So let me offer five ways to come up with the cash and five high-value/low-cost preps.

Making The Bucks
Yeah, it’s painful to be broke. But a survivalist is nothing if not resourceful. Consider these money generating plans to make your preparedness plans come to life. And remember, the money you make should be earmarked for preps–don’t blow it on other stuff.

- Suck it up and have a yard sale. I know it’s hard to part with things that you paid money for, only to have somebody try to haggle you down to a dollar or less for it. But consider the value of what you will buy with that money, and let go of stuff you haven’t used in a year or more and won’t ever need again.

- Become a pawn star. Receiving pennies on the dollar for your possessions can be seen as insulting, but it also makes you immediate money.

- Put stuff on eBay. For those who are savvy with a computer and a camera, you can get your best return by using eBay to auction off your goodies.

- Run an ad. For bigger items, it might be worth your time to run an ad in the local paper or at to sell some unneeded equipment, tools, or collectibles.

- Scoop up some scrap. Scrap metal is selling well right now, especially copper. You might be surprised what some copper pipe, an old radiator, or a cast iron bathtub will fetch.

What To Buy With Your New Wealth?
What you buy should depend on your individual needs and the likely disaster scenarios for which you are preparing. Never forget your survival basics: shelter, water, fire, food, first aid, security, and communication. For those of you who don’t have any backpacking or camping gear, you can start with that. Then get into water purification equipment, fire starters, long-lasting food, etc. Here’s my hot list of 5 cheap preps for these hard times. If I only had five things to live off, make mine a metal pot for cooking and water boiling, a big package of Bic lighters to start that fire, a big bag of rice to eat, first aid supplies for the inevitable wounds and a sleeping bag. Why these five? Because these choices are all life-sustaining items that are damn hard to fabricate out in the woods.

Have you got some preps you’ve had your eye on? Tell us what you’re saving up for in the comments.

Photo by Rubbermaid Products on Flickr