Every growing kid needs protein. But what about grown-ups? Especially grown-ups who might happen to be in a survival scenario? Yep, there’s protein for them, too. It’s a little white pill called SurvivAMINO.

While I have always advocated calories as the biggest part of physical survival, there is some wiggle room when talking about food. Those calories need to supply you with fat, carbohydrates and useable protein. You may not find enough grubs or berries in the wild for your fat and carb requirements, but it is easier now to handle your protein needs. The new product SurvivAMINO is a high protein supplement intended for emergency situations where your protein intake is limited or non-existent. Made by the sports supplement company Vitality Sciences, these little wonder pills are long lived, shelf stable and consist of the 8 essential amino acids that every person needs. Each pill contains 1,000 milligrams of the company’s proprietary amino acid blend, and the bottle of 100 pills is meant to supply your protein needs for one whole week.

And for the best part, they don’t even taste bad. Chuck a bottle of these in your Bug Out Bag, right next to the Snickers bars, and wasting away from starvation won’t be such a concern anymore – at least for that week.

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