From a standpoint of long-term survival, you need to know everything you can about the great outdoors. And as someone “living off the land,” you’d need to know how to effectively catch every critter under the sun, as well as camping, survival, and first aid skills. Even if you just want to know the outdoors better, there is much to learn. Thankfully, almost everything you’d want to know has been covered in one big brick of a book, the Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia.

Vin Sparano, a former Outdoor Life Editor-in-Chief, has put together an updated fifth edition of his unparalleled compendium of the outdoors. First published in 1972, this book instructed beginners and experts alike in the natural world, and all the sporting pursuits therein. This latest version still has all of the classic outdoor information of previous versions (because solid information never goes bad), but it also directs us in the use of fully modern tackle and techniques for camping, fishing, hunting, wilderness survival, first aid, reloading, and a mindboggling array of other outdoor skills. At 640 pages this is no pocket guide, but the lifelong work and wisdom of an outdoor master. The book is very well written, easy to read, and loaded with interesting nuggets of knowledge.

An avid fisherman, Sparano takes us through all forms of sport fishing. Learn to tie knots and flies. Study saltwater and freshwater techniques. Discover more ways to hook fresh bait than you thought possible. The Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia also delves deeply into archery and bowhunting skills, orienteering, GPS usage, muzzleloading, shooting, boating, and watercraft, and has very detailed profiles of wild game animals, fish, game birds, and even sporting dogs.

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