Vehicular breakdowns, car crashes, and other automotive emergencies are a fact of life. And in many of those situations, you typically only have the gear that’s in your vehicle to deal with the situation. Having dealt with more than his fair share of accidents and emergencies, paramedic Avi Goldstein designed the StatGear Auto Survival Kit to fill many of the needs of a roadside crisis. Will I be adding this kit to my ride? Read on and see.

The centerpiece of this auto emergency kit is the T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool. This multi-tool has four main features–a combination blade knife, a hook-style seat belt cutter, a spring loaded steel tip window punch, and a 5-lumen LED light with replaceable batteries. The knife and seat belt hook are made of 440C stainless steel with a flat black finish. Both are very sharp right out of the package. The knife and seat belt hook lock into position with a liner lock mechanism (like most CRKT knives). The 5-lumen light gives just enough light to see about 10 feet in total darkness, and it’s just right to check someone’s pupil dilation, which is a critical assessment in many types of injury. The spring loaded glass breaker is the coolest part. When enough pressure is built up against a window, the pin will fire and break the glass. The rubberized grip helps you to hang onto the tool while pressing on the glass. In addition to the T3, the following assortment of medical and survival gear is included in the cloth-covered hard-case kit:

– 1 reusable Eco Glow Stick
– 2 4×4 gauze pads and 2 large adhesive bandages
– 10 regular-size adhesive bandages
– 4 roller gauze bandages and 1 latex elastic bandage
– 2 instant ice packs and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves
– 4 alcohol prep pads and 1 roll of medical tape
– 1 triangular bandage w/ 2 safety pins
– 2 antibiotic ointment and 1 pair of tweezers
– 1 Emergency Drinking Water

This kit weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces and sells for $65 on the StatGear website. I will definitely be carrying it in my vehicle from now on. I just need to add some matches or a lighter, because every kit should contain a fire starter, and I’ll be ready for my next date with disaster.