Candy and cards, flowers and teddy bears, you can’t swing a stick in a store this time of year without bumping into some garish red display hawking Valentine treats. And I guess that’s okay. It is the continuation of a long tradition that crowns February as the month of love and romance. According to one frisky legend, the original theme of Valentine’s Day descends from an ancient Roman fertility celebration in mid-February each year. But the day didn’t get its famous name until a kindly priest called Valentine was martyred on February 14, 270 AD and later sainted, thus becoming an eternal symbol of love, marriage, romance, and oh yeah, greeting cards. But that’s enough history for today, as you may have some last minute shopping to do. Here are three last-minute gift ideas for your preparedness enthusiast Valentine.

1. Ammunition
Maybe the love of your life loves slinging lead. Why not treat them to some top shelf ammunition? You could even package it in a creative manner, such as the 12 gauge heart displayed here. I’d also put the candy in a separate box and give them that too, as there’s a chance they’ll be mad if they find out that you ate all the candy just to get the empty box.

2. A Trip
Rather than breaking the bank for a late winter trip to someplace warm and tropical, consider taking your sweetie for a more local trip—like a weekend survival class. With survival schools all over the country (mine’s in Virginia, hint hint), you could book a weekend getaway that would be both entertaining and educational. Edu-tainment! And it will be a whole lot cheaper than a trip to the Caribbean. You’re welcome to check out my school for ideas at PS: I do gift certificates!


3. Chooser’s Choice
There’s a gun show in my area this weekend (probably in yours too), and a friend of mine is taking their spouse shopping at the show. By taking them on a spree like this, the lucky gift recipient can pick out whatever they want. Sure, this lacks the surprise of, well, a surprise. But if you’re looking for long term satisfaction with your Valentine gift, it’s hard to go wrong when they pick it out themselves.

So what would you buy your prep crazy sweetheart? Please tell us what you’re planning by leaving a comment. We won’t tell.