duct tape

In existence for more than 70 years, duct tape is still one of the top miracle products for fix-it-yourselfers. Over past few decades, it has been used by virtually everyone for just about everything. Here are some of the things duct tape can do in a pinch, that you may not have known about.

1. Fire Starter
Need something to help you start a fire in wet weather, or you’re just running low on tinder? A crumpled ball of duct tape will burn for a minute or two when lit with an open flame.

2. Rope
Even cheap duct tape has a lot of tensile strength, but a quick twist on the tape adds a great deal of muscle to it. Twisting duct tape into rope will give you a surprisingly strong cord that you can use for a host of survival tasks. A flat strip of ordinary cheap duct tape has a tensile strength of roughly 20 pounds, but twisting the tape can add significant strength. The really good duct tape may have a tensile strength over 50 pounds when twisted.

3. Hand Cuffs
If you needed to restrain someone, you can duct tape his hands together around a tree to prevent him from becoming a danger to himself or others.

4. Bandages
Place a sterile dressing over your wound, and strap it in place with duct tape. Hope you’re not too hairy where you got injured!

5. Sucking Chest Wounds
A gunshot wound or stab to the torso can create a tension pneumothorax, also known as a sucking chest wound. As soon as this traumatic injury is spotted, it’s critical to seal the entrance wound (and exit wound, if there is one) – otherwise the air entering the chest cavity will collapse the lung. Since duct tape sticks to bloody skin and it makes an airtight seal, it can be a quick fix for this life threating injury.

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