Looking for some last minute stocking stuffers for a survival fan in your family? Or maybe you are just looking for a great deal? These five pieces of gear are effective, and they’re also cheap.

Mora knife
Razor sharp and inexpensive, a Mora knife could be your best friend in the wild. These Swedish laminated steel knives are perfect for wood carving and camp craft. They’re also priced under $20. I use these fixed blade knives more than any other knife. And at this price, you can buy several.

Iodine tincture
At $2 or $3 per bottle, you could afford to have several bottles stashed throughout your gear. Sure, it burns like fire when you disinfect a cut or scratch, but this miracle fluid can disinfect both wounds and water. Drip 5 to 10 drops of tincture of iodine (2%) in one quart of water. Shake well. Turn the bottle upside down and unscrew the lid slightly to flush the threads. Wipe down the bottle with the water that leaked, and allow the bottle to sit in the shade for 1 hour before drinking. Use 5 drops tincture of iodine for clear warm water, and up to 10 drops for cold or cloudy water.

Bic lighter
If I only had one survival tool, depending on the scenario, I’d probably want it to be a lighter. The inexpensive and ubiquitous Bic butane lighter is a trusty source of flame, and you only need one working thumb to operate it. This fire starter works better than matches or spark rods, and it’s capable of lighting hundreds of fires. Not bad for gear that costs $1 a piece.

Besides flossing your teeth, floss can make a high strength cord and improvised fishing line. Leave the floss in its case for easy cutting and dispensing, or break it free so that the spool packs down tighter in your low-cost survival kit.

Food bars
Granola bars, Power bars, New Millennium energy bars and even your favorite non-melting candy bars make great food rations for most emergency situations. Even a few of these can have a major moral boosting effect, and offer some needed calories in a pinch. With a 5 year shelf life, the New Millennium bars will last the longest.

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