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Survival Gear: Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier

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Creating safe drinking water is one of the top priorities for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone interested in emergency preparedness. So when a trusted name in water disinfection products (Potable Aqua) rolls out a new item, I take notice. The new Potable Aqua Pure electrolytic water purifier is a rugged little device with some surprising features, but is this a worthy gift for Father’s Day or something to include in bug out bag? Let’s find out.

The small size and light weight of the unit was the first thing that struck me about it. The unit itself is a little smaller than a pack of cigarettes, and didn’t seem much heavier (though it’s just under 4 ounces). The waterproof housing includes an integrated solar panel on one side and a control panel on the other. There are four rubber-plugged ports on the device: two for storing and measuring salt, one for the brine reaction, and one for USB charging (charger and cord are included in the kit).
This little disinfection device uses ordinary table salt and any water to create a mixed oxidant brine, which contains chlorine. This potent mixed oxidant solution is very effective at killing pathogens in water, and it even leaves behind residual protection from bacterial growth. The amount of brine you make is scalable, from 1 liter to 20. When the brine is done, an indicator light lets you know. The solution is then ready to dump into your water. Wait 30 minutes for the complete death and destruction of viruses and bacteria, and wait 4 hours if cryptosporidium is suspected.
Here are the specs:
• The kit only weighs 7 ounces with carrying bag, solution bottle, chlorine test strips, and USB accessories
• You don’t need to buy hard-to-get chemicals, just add table salt!
• The electrolytic solution kills 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria including V. cholerae and E. coli
• It also kills tougher organisms like giardia and cryptosporidium
• The unit is rated to purify more than 60,000 liters of water, 150 liters per charge
• It can be charged by its built-in solar panel or a USB charger
• It has a built-in LED flashlight
• The MSRP is $119.99
In short, this thing is awesome. But remember that it can’t do everything. Like other forms of chemical disinfection, it will not filter out heavy metals, salt, or contaminants. A carbon filter is a better choice for heavily polluted areas. And since you’re just adding the solution to gross water, it won’t improve the clarity or taste of it. But considering all that, the Pure electrolytic water purifier is one of the coolest survival products to come along in years, and if it lit things on fire too, I’d marry it. Instead, I’ll just give it to my dad for Father’s Day.