Being a bit of a fire bug, and knowing firsthand the value of fire in the great outdoors, I couldn’t pass up the Live Fire box, a new emergency fire starter that was introduced to me at a recent prepper show. But does this sleek little metal box really hold fire on demand as it claims?

The idea for this product is like that of many of the great inventions of the past—simple and logical once you’ve seen it, yet no one thought to put it together until now. This small metal tin contains a fibrous material (reminiscent of fiberglass) and a fuel that smells like it’s petroleum based. Overall, it reminds me of a Zippo lighter, just in a different container.

To use the Live Fire box, slide the tin lid off and then light the wicking material with a spark rod or open flame. The fuel begins to burn quickly, and will continue to burn for more than 20 minutes (in the “original”-size can). It can be stopped at any time by sliding the lid closed, thus reserving the remaining fuel.

For fire-starting success, assemble the best twigs and tinder you can find. You could also shave wood into kindling strips and skip the tinder with this fire starter. Hold the lit Live Fire box under the material until your materials are burning, close the box and save the remaining fuel for next time. This fire starter is ideal for wet, cold, windy weather. And the shiny metal lid can even be used as an improvised signal mirror. My only concern with this product is its longevity. Will the volatile fuel evaporate away over time, just as it does in a Zippo lighter? Would sitting in a hot car or backpack accelerate that fuel loss? Only time will tell. Here are the Live Fire Original specs:

-The can is 3 1/8 inches by 1 3/8 inches and 3/8 of an inch thick
-It’s made in the USA
-It burns when wet
-The MSRP is $9.99 for the 3-ounce Original can. The Sport-size 1.5-ounce can is $6.99.
-Watch the video and find out more on the Live Fire website

Would you consider tossing this product in your kit? Tell us why or why not in the comments.