I’m not sure exactly who originally came up with the “Top Ten List” idea but, as far as I’m concerned, David Letterman is the pioneer.

I’m a huge Letterman fan, been to a handful of shows and met Mr. Letterman 3 times as we crossed paths outside Ed Sullivan Theatre. For 2 years, I lived in the apartment building next to the theatre & one of the greatest days of my life was when I ran into Mr. Letterman outside my door & then an hour later I was talking with Conan O’Brien.

That was during my NBC Page days. That’s like shooting your limit of geese in the morning, pheasants in the afternoon & catching your limit of walleyes as the sunsets! It just doesn’t get much better than that.

My point, when talking with OL about ideas for a fun fan online contest, we discussed plenty of ideas the one that always presented the most possibility was the famous “Top Ten List!”

I will be posting weekly, fun Top Ten topics. Submit your ideas & win yourself some hunting and fishing gear.

First Entry: Top Ten Things You Learned “Not To Do” From Watching Your Dad Hunt and Fish
I have so many good Top Ten’s to choose from so how do I kick this contest off? I guess there’s nothing better than calling out your old man right?

My father inspired me to become the hunting and fishing fanatic that I am. He took me hunting well before I was able to carry a gun. I remember dreaming of the day when I could FINALLY get a license. Over the following years I learned a thing or two by watching and studying my Dad’s habits. Good and bad! The bad ones still make me laugh today! For example …


1. Don’t hit a ditch full of slough water going 60 miles per hour in your old pick up truck.

  1. Let’s say there’s a 40 MPH wind … try NOT to face directly into it when taking a pee.

  2. When your buddy screams, “geese in the air!!” Zip up BEFORE sprinting back to the pit.

Now it’s your turn. Send us your favorite “Not To Do” moments that you learned from your Dad, Mom or Grandfather. Hell, anyone will do. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you! Submit your top ten list in the comments section for the chance to win a Brunton Orion Three Mantle Lantern (valued at $89) and a Benny Spies T-shirt.