It’s that time of year! Hunting season is upon us and this means your annual hunting trip with your best friends or family is, FINALLY, here!

It’s the infamous weekend where one guy always takes things a little too far. It’s 3-days of the “I have no rules”” mentality that we all love. All the pent up anxiousness and excitement of the year-long wait provide some unforgettable memories.

So, this week I want to hear the best, funniest, most interesting moments that have come out of your camp in the years past. I want to hear the “what happens in camp, stays in camp” stories.

Here’s my best three to get you started …
1. Skunk one, Benny zero. Never puked that much in my life. It was pitch black walking to my stand and I heard a rustle. Obviously, had to check it out. Bad idea!


2. You know that “cafe” in town that only takes dollar bills? Well, Mitch never made it back to camp.

3. Four cases of beer, check. Cooler full of sandwich meat, check. License, check. One extra pair of underwear, check. Alright, let’s go! 8 hours later … Damn, forgot my gun!

OK now it’s your turn. Post your funniest moments in the comments section for the chance to win an ASAP Survival Gear Pack and Brunton lantern (valued at $200).

By the way, congratulations to garyfisherman the winner from last week’s contest. His comment “never irritate a 6-year-old because those kids are deadly accurate when trying to hit someone in the face with a perch,” was something I tried to do when I was a kid. Thanks to everybody who participated. Great comments all around.