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All right, I’m not Tom Knapp. I can’t hit EVERYTHING I shoot at. If you’ve watched my show then it’s no secret that I miss from time to time. I’m blaming it on the cameras! Someone or something has to take the blame right? But, I also know that we all miss and we like to throw blame on something other than ourselves. The wind, dust in the eye, didn’t see it in time, whatever… You can come up with a thousand reasons why. At one time or another, you’ve been a terrible shot. So let’s hear them! This one can get ugly.
Here’s mine:** You know you’re a terrible shot when you manage to hit more deer with your truck than you can with your rifle.

Write your funniest ideas in the comments section for the chance to win an ASAP Survival Gear Pack and Brunton lantern (valued at $200).

Last week’s Winner

Here are the top ten funniest comments, and #1 is the winner. The number one pick pretty much explains itself. Thank you everyone for your posts. Now, tell all your friends, family, neighbors and pets to get into this next one! Let’s get the list up to a 100.

Top Ten Things You’re Scared You Might Say To Bill Dance

10. from joekip: It’s too bad we can’t play Eli at QB again…

9. from 6phunter: Are you the same Bill Dance that paid me a hundred bucks to fish my honey hole for your film crew?

8. from Angler-Ace: Bill, are you as clumsy at home as you are in your bloopers DVD?

7. from Rodney: Bill have you ever thought about taking up hunting instead!

6. from mkorpal: So nice to meet you, Mr. Houston. I’ve been a huge fanof you and the Texas Longhorns for ages!

5. from dcernick: Hi Bill, how about you and I have a fishing contest some time? Loser buys the beer.

4. from djohns13: It’s going to take more than a Mahindra to get you out of this mess, Bill.

3. from garyfisherman: The longer the rod the better and keep your rod tip high. (that’s what she said!)

2. from wonderfulidaho: Hello sir, I was just wondering if you could teach me how to jump a log in a motorized canoe?

1. from CRash: Sorry I missed your show, Mr. Dance, but I was too busy watching “Gun it with Benny Spies”, on Friday night, 9 o’clock eastern/ 8 o’clock central.