Why in the heck would you ever want a car that has direct access to police headquarters, a dashboard radar, a built-in range finder, auto-pilot and a set of diplomatic license plates when you could have a box on wheels with 3 gun racks, 1984 South Dakota State Park sticker, Audiovox FM-AM Stereo with cassette tape, a June through October 1989 topless dashboard calendar from The Oil Well in Huron SD and a stuffed 4×4 jackalope hanging on the wall? I ask you, why?

Yes, I just gave you a little taste of a true American Icon, the one-and-only, Toaster. One day, many years from now, she’ll find herself nestled in the Smithsonian right next to the ‘Puffy Shirt’ from Seinfeld. Might even think about bronzing her someday, who knows. We all love her and for this reason here today it’s time to give her the glory she so dearly deserves! Let’s make her proud!

Here’s mine: The calendar… Enough said!

To see more of the Toaster in all her splendor check out this video.

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Top Ten Things You Should Not Do When You See A Bear

10.) from Hunter_Fass: Never let your buddy talk you into trying on his new halloween costume.

9.) from djohns13: So, ‘fess up. Do you actually s@$t in the woods or not?

8.) from OregonStrider: Never grab your wife and use her as a shield…

7.) from BubbaK: Do NOT hold your hands next to your head like deer antlers while dancing side to side saying, “Nanny, nanny, boo-boo, you can’t catch me!”

6.) from m_r_sanders: Regardless of what you think, this is not the time to test out your matador skills. Ole’!!

5.) from iwfeeney: I would be sure not to do this:

4.) from DirtyDan: Once a grizzly bear threatened to eat Chuck Norris. Chuck showed the bear his fist and the bear proceeded to eat himself, because it would be the less painful way to die.

3.) from GaBoy1990: “Hey Bill, hold my beer and watch this”.

2.) from meatman008: You should put down your drink and try to wrestle that bear simply to prove to your buddies your not a sissy for drinking mojitos on your hunting trip…

1.) from jcarlin: The celery diversion from MacGruber.