You might have to put your thinking cap on for this one because we all know that the Toaster has it all when it comes to what you want in an “Ulitmate Huntin’ Rig.” Although right now, she’s broke down in Montana and it’s looking like she might spend the winter there.

So, let me hear what upgrades you think would complete the package as the coolest hunting rig!

Here’s mine: Night Vision-Thermal-Infrared-Radar-Deer Finding Triangulator (a.k.a. NVTIRDFT)

Write your funniest ideas in the comments section for the chance to win an ASAP Survival Gear Pack.
Last week’s Winner**

“NOPE! They’re not. They’re dead. They’ve been taxidermized by Chuck Testa.”

That’s funny stuff right there! I think I’ve watched the Chuck Testa video at least a hundred times. Congrats, JM1993 on the big win. This week had some awesome ones making it nearly impossible to choose just 10.

Top Ten Things You Never Want To Hear From Your Guide

10.) from pineywoods: That’s an easy one. It’s when the guide says loudly, “OH, SH!T.” You can expect things to go downhill from there.

9.) from bigcat: As fishing boat plowed thru 4 foot whitecaps, 40 degree water temp, Guide while putting on only flotation coat,”you might want to take those boots off”

8.) from Fishman24: Heard this one a few times from my dad and grandpa. Them: Did you bring toilet paper? Me: No. Them: You got socks on?

7.) from trapper vic: UUUUUUUUUh thats poison ivy yer poop’n in!

6.) from bradnchan: “Here comes the game warden; don’t run ’till I tell you!”

5.) from 23: From my uncle on my first day on stand at the deer drive,I was 14 at the time, “Now don’t you shot until I am out of shells”

4.) from buckeye_big_buck: i hear banjos…PADDLE FASTER!!!

3.) from nieke22: just called your home phone by mistake an some guy answered.

2.) from ishipley: Did you ever just want to end it all?

1.) from JM1993: WAIT DONT SHOOT!!! It’s Chuck Testa with another lifelike mount.