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I’m going to put Major League on the list as one of my top ten favorite movies. The scene where Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes and Charlie Sheen are in the fancy restaurant and Tom spots Renee Russo with the “other” guy is always good for a laugh. It gets me every time.

Everyone in the world is aware of Charlie’s tiger blood, ready to jump off a bridge, craziness this past year. But what do you think it would be like to have him around your camp? I know the obvious things that most likely come to mind, like the goddesses and party favors. And those make for great top ten’s but he has been in some great movies and a hit TV show, so there’s a lot of room for material here. Charlie Sheen in your hunt camp: let’s hear ’em!

Here’s mine: You always know you’re gunna see great racks when Charlie’s around; whether you see any deer or not!

Write your funniest ideas in the comments section for the chance to win an ASAP Survival Gear Pack.
Last week’s Winner**

Congrats on the big win djohns13! You can’t go wrong with 24 extra eyes to look for deer in the ditch at night! Number one and two are a close tie, but I picked #1 because it might be worth the view as I look around to find a spot to set down my beverage! Just to let everyone know, I don’t have a scientific approach to picking these. I just go by my gut. And I’m having a ton of fun reading these every week. Thank you for taking part. Please spread the word to your friends and get everyone involved!

Top Ten Upgrades That Make The Ultimate Hunting Rig

10.) from DirtyDan: its called Chuck Norris

9.) from eckum54: Full camo paint job, grass skitings, retractable windows, pontoons, and dual Go-Devil Vanguard motors….I call it The Toast and Float Duck Boat…(TFBD for short)

8.) from wvu592: Add a game call horn to the Toaster that emits a doe bleat, buck grunt, or elk bugle – Calling All Rangeable Venison & Elk (CARVE).

7.) from Augustheat: The AFEDIESD (Automatic Fart Eradication Doe In Estrus Scent Disperser) for when you rip a nasty one in your one piece suit and can’t get away from the smell no matter what you do…it also automatically goes off when anything dealing with the Kardashian family is within five miles because the BS can’t be controlled.

6.) from 23: A solar powered beef jerky and toilet paper dispenser, because you shouldn’t leave home without it.

5.) from bradnchan: The “Vac-a-Peel.” Is a combination over-sized apple peeler/vacuum cleaner. Simply insert deer into device. It will suck out all insides and spin-skin deer at the same time. Easily folds for convenient storage.

4.) from IdahoSlim: Proximity sensor to cue the automatic appliances that you’re coming so there’s a nice hot sandwich and a fresh cup of coffee ready when you get back to the rig.

3.) from captjim: Upgrade the bathroom roof vent with a 50 Cal housed in a 360 degree rotating plexiglas turret from a B52 complete with a cupola to mount the NVTIRDFT. Remote controlled of course. You will never have to hide from Pronghorns or fight for a parking space.

2.) from kicknsand0708: An automatic cup holder that grabs my beverage when I say WATCH THIS, or I think we can make it.

1.) from djohns13: Thre real life versions of your dashboard calendar!