I’m not a huge fan of eating duck. Although, if you cook it using the exact ingredients of my dove sticks they’re pretty darn good. Well, my good friend John Brakss from Pierre, South Dakota cooks a mean duck. And come to think of it, my cousin Jamie can grill up some tasty duck as well. So, I guess you can say that I “kind of” like duck. One thing I do love to do is cook it for my friends. They seem to enjoy it immensely. But I would like to note that I prefer puddle ducks to divers. There’s a big difference between the two in my small little culinary world.

To me wild duck has a distinct taste. Maybe it’s all in my head. I don’t know, but no matter what, it has to be prepared perfectly for me to feast on it. And that’s medium rare, wrapped in bacon, and marinated in soy, teriyaki or worcestershire sauce for at least three days! It took a few years of experimenting with different recipes to finally perfect my taste for DUCK. And that’s where I’m leaving this. Let me hear your duck recipes gone bad, crazy concoctions and random ideas you may have when it comes to the top ways NOT to cook your quakers!

Here’s mine: With a match, because you’re stuck in a snowstorm outside Eureka, South Dakota, and so hungry that you could eat a dirty diaper through a park bench.

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Last week’s Winner

Congrats, Matt Eckholm on the big win! I too would like to hear his Canadian “goose” call!

Top Ten Reasons Charlie Sheen Would Be Great To Have In Hunting Camp

10.) from nearlynormalnorman: The camp might be a mere 12 steps from success.

9.) from garry barnes: even if you don’t kill something you’re still winning!

8.) from kicknsand0708: Cougar season is open here in Arizona so I would say we would have the most experienced Cougar hunter in the world in camp. Can we say easy hunting?

7.) from Deadeye.remington742: Charlie would make a great fall guy when the game wardens show up

6.) from Dan DiJames Sr.: From being with many woman through the years. He is saturated with doe urine which makes him a natural scent attraction for buck. Sit him in any open field and watch the bucks run at him thinking he is a female!

5.) from Hurckles: “regulators! mount up!” thats right, a young guns reference…bet y’all forgot about that one! if i heard that first thing in the morning i’d be pumped to get out after some deer!

4.) from captjim: If Charlie’s in camp theres a 1% chance Denise Richards will show up. If he’s not, there’s 0% chance. Do the math.

3.) from bradnchan: The only upside would be that you could single-handed save the entire USA from seeing him on TV for a whole week!

2.) from Augustheat: Warlock’s don’t need Realtree to hide in the woods 🙂

1.) from Matt Eckholm: I’d like to get him in a duck blind so I can see his collection of canadian hooker calls