Sorry for taking a week off, folks. My Internet service on Hooper’s Island in Maryland was nonexistent. At least the crab cakes at Salty’s were pretty darn good. And we did make one heck of a sea duck hunting episode that I’m super excited for all of you to watch!

Besides the opening day of duck, deer, goose, pheasant, dove and antelope season, Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It seems the older I get the more ridiculous the gifts I receive get. Since when did my mom think I’d like a t-shirt with two raccoons and a squirrel on it? Ugly? Yes, but very fitting of my personality I suppose. But you know what I mean about sweaters, socks, ties and 99-cent tools.

And what’s with the air fresheners? Yes mom, my dog needs a bath. I’ll get to it sometime around the 2nd! After pheasant season closes. Tell me the one gift that you hope Santa doesn’t bring you this year. Top winner this week also receives a signed GUN IT poster. Thank you all, for making this a great year!

I also want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Here’s mine: I’m hearing rumblings and I don’t want it… A cat.

Write your funniest ideas in the comments section for the chance to win an ASAP Survival Gear Pack.
Last week’s Winner**

Top Ten Excuses Your Buddy Uses For His Hunting Dog

10.) from Augustheat: because he’s a cat you nitwit….

9.) from KodaBear: He retrieves anything, except if it has feathers.

8.) from Matt Eckholm: I wanted a bird dog but my wife thought it would be better if we got a cat.

7.) from captjim: Ever since he got into my V!agra all he chases is raccoons in heat.

6.) from jhartwig24: With him only having 3 legs, its hard for him to make long water retrieves!

5.) from bearcreeksfarm: He’s not gun shy, he just don’t like loud noises!

4.) from Sven_Katur: Dang Charles, the way you’re shootin’ it doesn’t matter what kind of retriever he is … I’m starting to think I woulda been better off training him to pick up shell casings.

3.) from Mike Bartley: She usually holds point really well. Your just such a lousy shot she figures she has a better chance of running them down than you do of hitting one.

2.) from Augustheat: Just let him finish on your leg, after that he’ll be able to concentrate on the birds and he’ll be much more focused.

1.) from destreet: Well, if you could do that, you wouldn’t leave your kennel either!!!!