Sorry folks but this week I have to cut this one short. We’re out in the sticks of South Dakota trying to bowhunt deer, and it’s proving to be a tough task to get on film. Here’s the report thus far: three bucks within 35 yards, two of which were shooters and–as luck would have it–I needed them to take two more steps and it would have been blood on the arrow. I have to blame it on a tree branch. And by the way, we’ve had at least 30 does at 20 yards. Super cool footage!

Back to the issue at hand: The Top Ten. We filled up at a gas station this afternoon and overheard a guy bragging up his hunting dog. By the looks of this lab/collie/dachshund mix, I’m throwing the BS flag. We’ve all had that day out with our buddy when his dog didn’t quite perform up to par. You know what I’m talking about… A mirror image of the first dog in Funny Farm that ran after the deer! The best part is every time I hear a different excuse. I’ve learned my lesson. From now on I walk the “other” side of the field! So, let me hear the Top Ten best excuses/lies you’ve heard from your buddy!

Here’s mine: “He doesn’t like feathers in his mouth!” (This is the dog that runs out to the bird, picks it up, and then spits it out!)

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Last week’s Winner**

Top Ten Country Song Titles That Never Quite Made It

10.) from Johnnie: My Wife Ran Off With Another Man, He Doesn’t Know It, But He Is My Best Friend Now

9.) from TM1: I love her too dang much, for a sister.

8) from Sven_Katur: We spent the night in the Toaster and now you’ve got a bun in the oven … Oooooh Baaaaby.

7.) from Sven_Katur: That buck I should be stalking is bedded-down with you …

6.) from Keith McNeil: “I don’t give a Schlitz about your Pabst, you’ll always be Milwaukee’s Best to me”

5.) from -BrushDog1-: “Sheepless in Montana”

4.) from KodaBear: Me and You and a Cat Named Fluffy

3.) from trapper vic: Don’t bend over in the garden granny you know them taters got eyes!

2.) from Augustheat: Is that a grunt call in your pocket or are you just happy to bleet me?

1.) from Pezgt77: Honey, I lost my ring in the gut pile.