This week we’re doing something a little different with the blog. Bear Grylls was at SHOT Show last week to promote his Ultimate Knife and he gave us some time for an interview. But instead of asking him the standard “what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten” questions, we decided to turn Benny Spies loose on Bear.

What follows is 14 minutes of the most awkward interview to ever run on this website (in Benny’s defense, this was the first interview he’s done in his life).

As Bear’s security guards, agent and fans hovered around the periphery, Benny rattled off razor-sharp questions like: “Have you ever come across an all female nudist colony?” “What kind of bear do you consider yourself?” and “If we dropped you off somewhere on the moon could you get back home?”

See the interview for yourself, in all its unedited glory.