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Have you ever jumped out of bed at the crack of 3 a.m. to make 100% sure you were early enough to set decoys and hop in the pit, before the birds flew, only to have them start the day’s flight at 4 p.m. as you sat all day impatiently waiting? I have, many times, because it seems the birds finally fly at the exact moment that I decide to jump out of the pit to go grab a bite or something.

Remember the episode in Season One where we had the bet between pits of who would shoot the most geese? This is exactly what happened that day. We woke up super early, set up the decoys and waited… and waited… until around 4 p.m. We had some half-frozen Diet Mountain Dew, three frozen waters, and one two-year-old nut roll to split between six guys. Tough day!

The big question is what do you do during those long, cold hours of waiting? Typically, food is scarce, so you’re hungry. Beverages are gone way before you realize how long of a day it’s going to be. And the only entertainment is prying mud clumps off the side of the pit with a corn stalk or carving your name into the dirt with a stick. But then what? There’s not much entertainment packed into a goose pit that’s in the middle of a winter wheat field. Trust me. At least not the ones we hunt out of. So, what do you do when you’re stuck in the middle of a dirt field or water hole waiting, and waiting for the birds to finally fly? I’m sure you’ve thought of, or have done some crazy things! Talk to me goose…

Here’s mine: With no birds in the air… As soon as your buddy dozes off, scream, “TAKE ‘EM”, and start blastin’! It gets ’em every time!

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Top Ten Creatures You Hope To Stumble Across in 2012

10.) from Matt Eckholm: I know it wont happen in 2012 but one day I would like to see a viking with a superbowl ring

9.) from cjohnsrud: Turducken!! Then maybe Benny and John Madden will come over for dinner.

8.) from Monty Shorter: If we are talking mythical creatures or things that never happen, a good looking stripper at the Hop, a gun that never misses, Benny Spies buying drinks. Happy New Year everyone.

7.) from floridahunter: A three-legged deaf and blind eight-pointer

6.) from captjim: I’d like to encounter an alien from outer-space while coon hunting. I’m due a rectal exam and I’m sure it would be much better than Obamacare.

5.) from Deadeye.remington742: the bulletproof muskrat that was living in my pond last year that I somehow missed three times with my 357 mag…

4.) from Hotwheels: I’d like to see a buck on the ground with antlers that look every bit as big as (or bigger than) they did through the scope.

3.) from SKCUSATEP: I’ve been looking for one of these for a while now and I’m hoping that 2012 is the year. I really really want to find me a Benny Spies that can hit the broadside of a barn! Can anyone give me some tips?

2.) from captjim: Bigfoots wife. I’d shoot a few “semi-tastfull” photos and upload them to hairy women dot com for all to enjoy.

1.) from alwaysWRIGHT: Jabba the hut, it’s better than running into my mother in law!