I’m back! Between attending SHOT in Las Vegas and filming our final episode for Season Three, it’s been a crazy few weeks. The report: four very constructive days of meetings, five crazy nights hanging out with old and new friends, one sick day and I only gambled 20-125 dollars (give or take a few)! That’s purdy doggone good if you ask me. All-in-all it was a great trip but, after six days, I was very happy to get the heck out of there. And for our final hunt of Season Three… Check the Gun It Facebook page and you’ll see!

While at SHOT, the great people at Outdoor Life asked me to conduct, as you can clearly tell, my first major interview. It was with the one and only, Mr. Will Eat Just About Anything, Bear Grylls. I started off a little shaky, forgot what I was doing somewhere in the middle, and ended it in a state of awkwardness. That’s damn near perfect. Now that I have this first experience under my belt and a better understanding of how these things work, bring on the next one!

After watching this Emmy Award winning interview most of you are probably thinking I should be first in line to fill Letterman’s shoes when he retires. Thank you for that. But, to be honest, I don’t think I’m there yet. I just hope to someday have the opportunity to sit in the chair next to him. That would be very cool. Back to the Ten, this week give me one question that you would ask Bear if you had the opportunity to grill the Gryll.

Here’s Mine: Watch and see! And as it normally works, I’ve thought of a thousand more good ones since then. Only wish I had more than 12 minutes.

Write your funniest ideas in the comments section for the chance to win a Plano Tackle Box and Leatherman Knife.

Last Week’s Winner

Congratulations JM — funny stuff!

Top Ten Excuses Heard By Your Local Game Warden

10.) from Deadeye.remington742: well you see officer we’re coming up with a new sport its called shotfishing you just shoot those asian carp when they jump at ya with a shotgun I thought since we was using steel shot I’d be fine

9.) from pineywoods: That pile of corn was for birds and squirrels only–I had to shoot the deer to keep them from eating it up.

8.) from ishipley: I swear that eight point had a knife

7.) from twa32: He did it (pointing to the dog).

6.) from Matthew Terence…: Officer, i swear my gun accidentally went off when i was reaching for my beer.

5.) from Derek Bryant: What the heck do I need a plug for? I can count to 3!

4.) from Clayton Haas: Those empty cans of Coors light are used as signal mirrors. You know in case of an emergency.

3.) from JKANSAS:……I was just helping the sheep over the fence!

2.) from Augustheat: I swear Mr. Warden, I wasn’t runnin’ away from you cause I did somthin’ wrong…you see years ago my wife run off with a Warden who looked a bit like yerself…I just thought you were trying to bring her back to me.

1.) from JM: “The deer took my gun and shot itself, im just rushing it to the vet!”