Nice work alwaysWRIGHT! For some reason I had a good laugh picturing Bear stumbling upon a bunch of banjo playing rednecks. What would you do? I’d pull up a stump, start singin’ and crack a few beers.

10.) from jimyoumook: are you really nuts or is that just a character you play on tv

9.) from kkok: Do you practice drinking your own piss at home?

8.) from Longbow83: How many steps did it take for you to scale Mount Everest?

7.) from Augustheat: So, have you ever crapped your pants on the show? You know like when you thought the grubs you ate gave you some bad gas and you accidentally sharted…happened to me once after some bad burritos following a Motley Crue concert back in 93…you know what I’m sayin’…Bear…Bear… anyone see where he went? Hello…anyone…Hello….

6.) from Cabe Chaffin: (looks down at notes and says) so what are the survival requirements for an encounter with chuck norris in the wild? (looks up to see bear running away in terror)

5.) from nocksplitter: Is it worse to drink the water out of elephant poop, or to be interviewed by Benny Spies?

4.) from pineywoods: How long do you think you could go without food before you cut off one of your arms and ate it?

3.) from Hotwheels: Was it your mother’s cooking that inspired you to begin looking for alternative food sources?

2.) from trapper vic: Ok Bear heres a real test. 4 days in the toaster with Benny spies. Do you really think you could survive that!

1.) from alwaysWRIGHT: Bear, have you ever run into a situation that has involved a banjo and some backwoods rednecks?

Stay tuned. Next week, I’ll be back with something new. Until then — if you’re bored — tell me about what you think of Randy Moss wanting back in the NFL. I think he’ll get about half way through the season then start crying because he doesn’t like something and quit. Prove me wrong Randy.

Have a great long weekend everyone!