Back in the day, having a 40-pack of greenheads cup up at 20 yards, or rockin’ the 12th row at a Pearl Jam concert, or watching Shania Twain race around a Go Kart track was all I needed for a little inspiration. I’m not sure if those inspirations were normal, but I’m sure they influenced me into creating something unique later in life.

After years of soul searching and a little hard work, I finally landed my dream of building an authentic, entertaining outdoor show, Gun It!, on Versus, now called NBC Sports Network. The show was born on a blowing, snowy, early-spring afternoon, when my good buddy Shane and I skipped work to shoot snow geese. My phone vibrated, and after digging it out of my Carhartts, I saw that the caller ID read Philadelphia. Jeff Macaluso from Versus was on the horn, and, not knowing if it was great news or the all-too-familiar words of rejection, I decided not to answer. I was shooting geese and didn’t want to think about it. But despite my efforts to stay focused, Jeff’s message consumed me. A tour bus loaded with Hawaiian Tropic bikini models and a delivery truck full of Grain Belt Premium could have broken down next to me and I wouldn’t have blinked. I was fixated on what Jeff’s message said.

The rest is history. That message was the start to a dream come true. But now, as 2012 comes to a close, so does an exciting chapter in my life. Nearly three years after that call, I received another one with the sad news that my NBC Sports Network run was over. Just like the Dukes of Hazzard, all great things must come to an end. Now, I’m face to face with new inspiration to take the show to the next chapter. What’s next for Gun It!? Only time will tell. But don’t worry, OL faithful. I’ll still be chugging away at this column every month and updating my blog on

So this New Year’s, when the clock strikes midnight, let’s all slam a beer because, let’s be honest, how many out-of-work goose hunters actually like drinking champagne? Here’s to one last Roooooossssterrr! in 2012