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Not only did we receive more entries than ever this year, but we also got more photos of big deer than ever before. See future “Braggin’ Boards” for even more incredible deer.

Darryl Warner, Hubbardsville, NY Warner spent three seasons hunting this whitetail. He finally dropped it with his shotgun one evening last fall as he was walking to his stand. The 612-year-old buck grossed 169 â¿¿ inches.

Tom Sharpe, Central Point, OR For the first time, all three of Sharpe’s sons were home to hunt together. That everyone in camp took a buck was icing on the cake.

Mike Myers, Elkton, VA Tired of hunting small deer at home, Myers and his brother trekked to Pike County, Ill., where Mike shot this 150-class buck.

Tony Dieste, Frisco, TX This buck came so fast and aggressively to Dieste’s rattling that Dieste was unable to get a shot off until the deer was crossing a sendero at 300 yards.

Austin Arden, Longview, TX Austin shot this 130-class animal from the same stand from which his parents both took bucks.

Frank Nataros, Tucson, AZ Nataros dropped the muley that wore this 195 2/8-inch rack at 210 yards with an off-hand shot.

Roger Bowser, Barriere, British Columbia Bowser rattled in this monster, then became rattled himself. After two misses and a jam, he connected on the 222 2/8-inch buck.

Karen Hill, Rapid City, SD Karen and her father stalked this buck for two hours. She crawled the final 100 yards on her own before making a great prone shot.

Brian Buchholz, Eau Claire, WI Buchholz shot this Saskatchewan bruiser after four days of sub-zero temperatures.

Rory Finn, Bronx, NY, and Dave Lifford, Mechanicville, NY The two college pals shot these deer at Lifford’s camp in the Adirondacks.

Wally Jayne, Moravia, NY Jayne thought he’d shot the legendary “Kelloggsville Buck,” but when the DEC aged his deer at 312 years, Jayne knew it was one of the local legend’s progeny.

Chris O’Hara, McGraw, NY When six does spooked from below his tree stand, O’Hara thought he was the culprit. Then this big boy ambled by in hot pursuit.

Lerin Thomas, Newkirk, OK Lerin’s dad offered her the shot at this deer, but she deferred to him. “Next year maybe the antlers won’t look so big!” she says.

Clint Houston, Conrad, MT Two weeks before he killed this muley, Houston had hunted elk in the same area and seen very little in the way of deer…let alone this brute.

Judy Maida, Prince George, British Columbia This 190-class desert muley was one of many huge deer Maida saw on a trip to Sonora, Mexico, with her husband.

Michael Glass, Boise City, OK This is Glass’s first deer since he was injured 15 years ago.

Jake Glick, Chandlerville, IL Glick dropped this 167-inch buck on public land.

Glen Reinhardt Jr., Brighton, IL Reinhardt’s first longbow buck also happens to be his first Pope and Young buck (144 inches).

Don Higgins, Gays, IL Higgins shot this buck the fourth time he saw it last season, and from the fourth stand he tried. The trophy netted 207 2/8 inches.

Glen McGuire, Owasso, OK McGuire killed this 180-class Alberta buck on his first out-of-state hunt.

Kayla Moxley, Mount Vernon, OH Kayla set the bar high with her first deer: this 130-class buck.

Thad Lauer, Jersey Shore, PA Lauer’s Illinois bow buck netted 161 inches.

Kale Tyler, Mission, British Columbia Kale’s first bow buck is a 130-class whitetail he double-lunged walking home for lunch one day.

Tim Baugh, Bridgeport, CA Baugh has lived in some of California’s best mule deer country for more than 10 years but drew his first tag for it just last season.

Deer of the Year Prize Winners The following finalists were selected at random as recipients of the prizes provided by our sponsors: Wally Jayne, Yamaha EF1000iS Generator; Tom Sharpe, LINE-X Spray-On Truck Bed Liner; Brian Buchholz, one pair Irish Setter Elk Tracker boots; Tim Baugh, Wildlife Research Center Hunter’s Pack; Clint Houston, Cabela’s MT050 Extreme Weather Parka. All readers whose photos appear will receive Outdoor Life baseball caps.