The Fall Bite Begins

We headed out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center, Virginia Beach looking for triggerfish and flounder. Our first stop was a wreck loaded with big triggerfish. I proceeded to bail over 60 triggers up to about 3.5 pounds. These are aggressive fish with small, but adequate teeth. They are also hard fighters and provide great table fare. The bait of the day was squid on a double-hook rig.Outdoor Life Online Editor
The next stop was for a chance at an elusive Virginia trophy citation flounder. I stripped a bluefish fillet, and hooked a strip onto a flounder rig. Bluefish is a well-known flounder favorite. As we positioned just up-current of a wreck for a drift, I dropped my rig to the bottom and almost immediately hooked a flounder that was just short of a keeper.Outdoor Life Online Editor
On the second drop, I hooked into what I thought was the wreck at first, but I was able to work it up a few feet. Then I realized I had something nice and called for the net. A few minutes later, the 26.5-inch flatfish glided to the surface, and into the net. This was a nice fish, but to ensure a citation, I released the fish to grow even bigger!Outdoor Life Online Editor
Next it was out to the Norfolk Canyon with some fishing buddies for a bit of bluewater fishing. We left the dock at 4:30 am and headed out about 65 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach.Outdoor Life Online Editor
We had a full spread out, hoping for billfish, dolphin and tuna- and were not disappointed. At about noon, we had our first big hit. And a big hit it was.Outdoor Life Online Editor
After about a 20 minute battle, and an incredible aerial display, we had a beautiful 300-pound blue marlin alongside the boat.Outdoor Life Online Editor
We revived the marlin, and off he swam to fight another day. Cheers and high-fives all around.Outdoor Life Online Editor
We finished out the day with a couple of nice dolphin for the fish box. CHECK OUT MORE DR. JULIE HERE: Calm Before the Next Storm An Ace of Spadefish What's Up Doc? The Fish DoctorOutdoor Life Online Editor

As hunting seasons kick off, the fall bite is kicking in along the mid-Atlantic coast.