ATV hitch hauler
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Dads love toys. They’re just a bit bigger – and more expensive – these days. Many of them have four wheels and a winch. Whether your dad drives an ATV or the increasingly popular UTV, that tool of fun and function provides for a plethora of outstanding Father’s Day gift ideas. Here’s a few worth considering.


Side View Mirrors

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I’m continually amazed at all of the features on today’s new ATV and UTV units. . . and yet most of them don’t come with any mirrors. Why side views or a rearview? Simple – better visibility. We often fill our UTVs with gear and all that gear can impede the use of a rearview mirror. Thus…the sideview.


LED Light Bar

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You never know just how handy a super-bright light bar is until you use one. Once you do, you’ll never want to run your machine in the dark without one again. Light bars can be pricey but if you shop around, you can find some perfectly useful lights without breaking the back.


Chainsaw Bracket

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If you dad owns a Polaris Ranger and cuts firewood, this is a must-have accessory. Made by Hornet Outdoors, this chainsaw bracket fits into either the Ranger’s existing bed holes or directly to the Hornet Outdoors UTV rack (see below).


Bed Rack

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As useful as a UTV’s cargo box is, it tends to have a way of filling up too quickly. That’s where a good storage rack comes in. This unit from Hornet Outdoors uses twist-lock anchors to attach to the Polaris Ranger’s existing mounting holes. With the rack in place you can load the cargo bed to capacity and still keep additional gear at the ready.


Hitch Hauler

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If there is any common complaint about an ATV, it’s this: They lack storage capacity. A hitch hauler is a simple and effective solution. And this one from Viking Solutions even doubles as a game hauler. Pretty slick.


Waterproof Portable Speaker

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Lots of folks use their UTV and ATV for chores unrelated to hunting and fishing. Plowing snow, dragging the driveway, working food plots or just cruising the back lane. Sometimes a little mood music is in order. This rugged speaker from Altec Lansing is waterproof, dustproof and mounts to most ATV and UTVs using the included bracket. Pair it with your Bluetooth phone and you have your entire playlist at your fingertips…I’d suggest a steady diet of Chris Stapleton.


Tire Repair

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Nothing ruins a good day on the trail quicker than a flat tire. A Slime kit should be standard issue with every ATV or UTV. Unfortunately, it’s not. So do Dad a favor and get him this kit. He’ll thank you for it someday. Probably more than once.