Hoyt Carbon Defiant
Tony Hansen

Whether Hoyt pioneered the use of carbon in bow risers is an oft-debated topic. But here’s what’s not in question: They’ve figured out how to master the process.

Hoyt’s carbon risers are excellent. They’re ultra-stiff, nearly indestructible and look pretty wicked. The Carbon Defiant is the newest in the line of Hoyt’s carbon-risered bows and it’s a good one.

The Defiant utilizes the DFX cam-and-a-half system that offers a refreshing feature — draw length adjustability without the use of a bow press and without purchasing any additional modules. Like all of Hoyt’s carbon bows, it’s light and weighs in at just 3.6 pounds.

The standard model features a 7-inch brace height and ATA speeds of 331 fps while the Turbo version has a 6-inch brace height and speeds of 350 fps.

The draw cycle on the bow was smooth with a solid backwall. The shot was vibration-free (a hallmark of Hoyt’s carbon risers) and quiet. The bow is available in several finishes including a handsome Buckskin textured finish as well as the popular Ridge Reaper camo pattern from Under Armour.

The bow isn’t cheap (another hallmark of Hoyt’s carbon line) and sells for nearly $1,500. Ouch.