In the summer of 2007, Christina Tilton caught this awesome red drum off the Gulf Coast in MS. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Azi Kram, 4, is pictured here with his dad Toby Kram and the 20 pound barracuda he caught in Miami Beach, Florida. Outdoor Life Online Editor
David Sexton caught this 9 pound redfish with a tiny #8 bait hook at Sebastian near the inlet in Big Pine Key, FL. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Isaac Owens goes to Kimball Lake in Newago, Michigan every few weeks. There he caught this large mouth bass, 3 pounds, 18 inches, with a buzz bait. It was released after the picture was taken. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Jon Potes fishes in Harriman State Park, NY, once or twice a month when the weather is warm enough. He caught this large mouth bass which measured in at 10 pounds, 24 inches. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kevin Sollenne, 15, caught this 3 pound fluke on a white bucktail off the northern shore of Long Island. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kevin Wensink is one lucky first-time angler! He shares this story with us: “The fish is a flathead catfish that I caught on the Fox River in Cary, Illinois in July of 2007. It measured 36″ and 21.5 lbs. I had acquired a 12 foot aluminum boat that summer and my buddy and I decided to try for flathead catfish as we had never gone fishing for them before. We went out about 10 PM and around midnight my slip bobber which had a 12″ sucker minnow beneath it started to race downstream. I set the hook and battled the fish for approximately 20 minutes. Every time I got it close to the boat it would immediately take off and strip 50 yards of line from the reel. When it was finally played out, my friend used a rapala lipper to secure it, we measured and weighed it then released it back in to the river unharmed. My friend and I went out fishing for flatheads several times after that fish but have yet to catch another one. Beginners luck!” Outdoor Life Online Editor
Brent Barnes caught this sturgeon while kayaking in the San Francisco Bay. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ryan Olson of Lino Lakes, MN caught this walleye in Lake Mille Lacs, MN. The walleye came in at 9 pounds and 29 inches! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ben and Robin Gremillion write, “Our daughter caught her first catfish in a friend’s stocked pond right after her 6th birthday. She has been demanding we pull giant catfish pictures off the internet for a poster she made and wants to see this one posted since its ‘just as big’.” Outdoor Life Online Editor
Brian Lorensen of New Jersey caught this large mouth bass while ice fishing in New Hampshire on February 16, 2008. He caught the bass with a minnow as live bait. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Will Tilton shows off his catch-and-release Atlantic Sharpnose Shark while fishing off the Gulf Coast of MS in the summer of 2007. Outdoor Life Online Editor
In the summer of 2007, Christina Tilton caught this awesome red drum off the Gulf Coast in MS. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Todd Knutson caught this 57 pound King Salmon in the Keni River, Alaska. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Anglers from all across the country email us with pictures and stories of their catches. Here are some of our favorites!