If your dad boasts about the BTUs in his camping stove, pines for the portability of your uncle’s cooler, or laments his sagging camping chair, the best Father’s Day gifts will be ones that up his outdoor game. Camping gear to make Dad happy could include a tent he can stand straight in, an air mattress that’ll make him forget he’s sleeping in the woods, or a lantern that can illuminate the entire site. We know your father is his own man, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of camping gear that will make unique gifts for Dad, whether he’s a master chef or the king of relaxation. In the end, the best Father’s Day gifts for your outdoorsy father will be camping gear that helps him create the experience that’s right for him.  

Best Camping Tents for Father’s Day: REI Co-op Grand Hut 4 Tent



Even the most adventurous dads, who spend a few weekends a year clinging to mountsides with their buddies, still need an option that’ll work when his wife and little ones want to enjoy a weekend in the woods. That’s why a camping tent as a Father’s Day gift needs to have room for the whole family. The Grand Hut lives up to that billing. It’s 75 inches tall at its peak, meaning even if Dad is 6-foot, he can stand up without hitting his head. Plus, nearly 60 square feet of floor area can easily accommodate a family of four. (You can also upgrade to the 6-person size if your family has three or four siblings—or a golden retriever.) Two large D-shaped doors make it easy to get in and out, and the Grand Hut is truly a room with a view, featuring bug-proof mesh walls up high. Unlike the best camping tents for the backcountry, this 14-pound REI offering isn’t built to sustain high winds or frigid winter temps, but it’s plenty rugged for those summer nights at the lake or on the beach. Plus, Dad will appreciate how it packs up nicely into a durable, well-organized carry bag—so long as he doesn’t need to lug it too far.

Best Camping Chairs: Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair



There’s no reason to rough it and these Father’s Day gifts are proof. The best camping chairs are comfortable enough to be in your living room. That’s certainly the case with the Kijaro Dual Lock, made from ripstop polyester that won’t bow, even if Dad’s on the big-and-tall side. The locking mechanisms hold a taut position for added comfort, and a breathable mesh back will keep Dad cool on hot afternoons, whether relaxing by the river or tailgating in the parking lot. At more than 9 pounds, this Kijaro is a bit hefty, but a strap lets Dad sling it over his shoulder, freeing up two hands to carry the cooler and snack bag. Speaking of two hands, the Dual Lock has two cup holders so Dad can double fist—or simultaneously caffeinate and hydrate.  

Best Camping Hammock: Kammok Roo Single Hammock



If Dad needs a little help unwinding, search for the best Father’s Day gifts to help him take a load off. It’s hard to find something that better facilitates extreme relaxation than swaying in a hammock. The Roo Single is the best camping hammock because its nylon build is silky, breathable and durable, meaning Dad can stay comfortable and cool for years to come. The seams are soft in case he wants to swing his legs over the side, and the fade-resistant fabric helps the hammock shine brightly even after many seasons in the sun. The Roo Single is 100 by 50 inches, yet it compresses nicely into a portable sack for easy transport. Heads up: If Dad is likely to fasten the hammock to trunks and limbs, you’ll need to purchase tree straps separately.

Best Air Mattress for Camping: REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System 40



With the Kingdom, Dad seriously might believe Mom lugged their pillow-top into the woods. The queen-size mattress features a 6-inch sleeping surface, a padded cover and an insulated top quilt, making it the best air mattress for camping. (Ladies searching for gifts for husbands, this is another great option. After all, what’s better than giving a gift that offers you a direct benefit?) The Kingdom includes a convenient hand pump and storage bag, so pack it in the trunk for the next tenting weekend, or pull it out of the closet when you need an extra guest bed. Don’t make Dad carry it too far, though. At more than 15 pounds, it’s not exactly as light as air. 

Best Coolers for Camping: RovR RollR 60



Get pumped. The RollR has actual tires that Dad can inflate, just like car or bike tires. Combine that unique feature with a broad, comfortable handle, and you’ve got an ice chest that can travel well, even through grass and sand. The best coolers for camping are durable in addition to being portable, and this RovR model is definitely that, with durable construction and hefty latches. The seal between the top and the body has some room for improvement—taking the insulation down a notch as compared to some other best coolers for camping available. Still, the RollR will keep your food and drinks plenty cold. Plus, it includes a cool removable dry bin that attaches to the lid, effectively doubling the amount of rations you can roll with. 

Best Camping Stove: Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove 

Camp Chef


Somehow, everything you eat in the woods seems to taste better—even if Dad made it. Help him elevate his game, or perfect his gourmet, with the Everest 2 Burner. This propane, tabletop cooker is the best camping stove because it has two burners at 20,000 BTUs each, but it also features useful simmer control and side shields to block the wind and keep Dad in control of the heat. It’s not as compact or as light as some other best camping stoves, but at 12 pounds and with convenient carry handles, it’s perfectly suited for most dads and campsites. Finishing touches include matchless ignition and a stainless steel drip tray for easy clean up. If you’re feeling really generous, one of the best gifts for dad will be doing the dishes. 

Best Camping Cot: Coleman Trailhead II Cot



The best camping cot really doesn’t have to do too much. After all, it’s not difficult to beat sleeping on a pad on the hard ground. The Trailhead II, with its X-shaped steel frame, does this and more. The canvas bedding is firm, and the elevated side rails can ease Dad’s worries about falling off in the middle of the night. Side pockets provide a convenient place to store a headlamp or glasses, and the cot packs up neatly into its carrying case. While the Trailhead is not the best camping cot for any fathers who prefer walking to their sites—it weighs 21 pounds—it’s perfect for dads like pitching tents in view of the car. Another downside is setup. Attaching the second brace can require a lot of leverage, but if Dad is tired out after, at least he’ll have a comfortable place to sleep.

Best Camping Lantern for a Father’s Day Gift: Streamlight The Siege Lantern, Coyote



Whether your family likes playing cards at night or needs a little help seeing during cleanup after a long, relaxing dinner, it’s nice to be able to illuminate large outdoor spaces. The best camping lantern is a great Father’s day gift. The Siege is a camping lantern that adjusts to your needs. It features a red-light option for less blinding night vision, as well as globe lighting—simply remove the outer cover and hang the lantern upside down—to illuminate a larger area. At 2 pounds, it’s heavier than some other options, but its performance and durability matches other best camping lanterns out there. The battery-powered Siege offers 540 lumens and can burn for 295 hours on the lowest of its three brightness settings. 

Best Camping Knife: Morakniv Companion



Your dad may take one look at the super sleek Companion and instantly declare it the best camping knife he’s ever owned. The 4.1-inch steel blade is sharp and versatile, and the rubber handle fits well in most any hand. Whittling, slicing onions, cutting tinder, this Morakniv knife is up to any camping task. This Father’s Day gift includes a color-matching plastic sheath and a belt clip, meaning the Companion is ready to help Dad at a moment’s notice.

 Best Walkie Talkie for a Father’s Day Gift: Motorola Talkabout T800 Two-Way Radios



A Few More Words on Finding the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love Camping Gear

Maybe your dad is the kind of guy who loves to relax in the woods. If so, camping gear like hammocks and chairs are going to make the best Father’s Day gifts. Maybe he’s the family cook. If that’s the case, camping gear like stoves and knives will make the best gifts for dads. No matter what Dad’s into when he’s outside, you can find cool Father’s Day gifts that’ll finally make your site the envy of the entire campground. 

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