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A highly wearable, seasonally transitional item you won’t want to take off? That’s the teddy jacket. Like the fleece jacket before it, the teddy jacket has been around for several years now, and for good reason: it’s soft, it fits over layers for warmth or chicly hangs open in moderate temps, and it hits the sweet spot of easy, functional, and stylish. And it’s really, really soft — and generally surprisingly affordable. But all teddys are not created equal, so let this guide help you pick wisely.

  • Consider the Closure: A major factor in jacket warmth level — and the control you have over it — comes with how the jacket closes. A full zip keeps in warmth, while a fully open front keeps things breezy. Buttons let you micromanage where along your torso the air comes in. Think about not only when you’ll be wearing it, but how.
  • Consider Material Density: Durability, warmth, appearance, and feel are all affected by both the material and its density. Note double layers, linings, overall abundance of material, etc. as you’re choosing the right one for your climate.
  • Consider the Care: Will you be sweating? Will smells get trapped in the fabric? Is it likely to get dirty or spilled on? All those possibilities make garment care a factor. Check if the teddy coats can be machine washed or is dry clean only.

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