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Whether it’s a light breeze or a full-blown windstorm you face, a windbreaker is a year-round closet essential. They wear well in warm temperatures, layer nicely over fleece jackets or other thermal layers, and make the outdoors a bit more comfortable no matter the season. Here’s what to look for in a windbreaker, and a few recommendations.

  • Fit: As with any outerwear, you want to be able to wear a windbreaker without your range of motion being restricted — and remembering that generally they’re not going to have any give, as other materials might. As long as you can move your arms as needed, you should be good to go.
  • Material: Most windbreakers are either nylon or polyester. Nylon tends to be slightly lighter in weight, but it’s also the material more likely to make that swishing sound when you swing your arms. Polyester may be a smidge heavier, but is in general softer and quieter.
  • Activity: How and where you’ll be needing your windbreaker matters as much as anything in determining which is the best one for you to buy. If you want it for outdoor activities, machine washability, a looser fit, and breathability should rank high. If you want it for normal about-town stuff, style can take priority without neglecting performance.

Our Picks for the Best Windbreakers for Men on Amazon

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