gearhead crossbow
The Gearhead X16 crossbow. Outdoor Life

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When it comes to manufacturing bowhunting equipment, Gearhead Archery doesn’t seem to follow the mold. They raised some eyebrows last year with their short little compound bows, and this year they brought the same look and materials (carbon fiber) to their take on a crossbow. The company is calling the X16 (it’s got a 16-inch powerstroke) the world’s lightest crossbow: the bare bow weighs 4.25 pounds.

Meanwhile, their X19 crossbow possess the same fundamentals, but a longer powerstroke of 19 inches. Gearhead says this is the crossbow with the longest powerstroke on the market. Those milestones are all good and well, but the bow has already raised questions among the edit team and readers about ergonomics (e.g. the stock) and price (the X16 starts at $1,999). You can cock the crossbows with your hands (draw weights range from 40 to 90 pounds), but their top speeds are also are listed at 340 fps (X16) and 365 fps (X19).