How can you not love Brett Favre? The guy puts as much heart into hunting and fishing as he does into playing football. Now that he's in New York, though, the staff of would love nothing more than to show him some of the great hunting and fishing opportunities the Northeast has to offer. Welcome, Brett!. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Okay, Brett, Strahan “sacked” you to lay claim to the single-season record- you trust the guy, right? So, trust him on this cause he’s hunted here. Drive up to Turkey Trot Acres in upstate New York. You get one day off a week- this place is golden and within easy striking distance- and you can hunt fall birds with dogs. Check out: Outdoor Life Online Editor
No bones about it, we here at enjoy shooting guns whether it be to take target practice or to shoot trap, skeet, sporting clays or five-stand. When we’re itching to shoot, we typically convene at Tamarack Preserve Ltd. Phone: (914) 373-7084. Outdoor Life Online Editor
B-A-S-S Bass… Bass… Bass… Whereas specks, reds and flounder are king in your home state of Mississippi, stripers rule up here and there is some incredible fishing to be had. Just check out this stud of a bass taken aboard Rhode Island captain Joe Pagano’s boat. Joe fishes like you play ball- with reckless abandon. ( Outdoor Life Online Editor
Big game quarterbacks are into big game fish- we understand. We aim to please. How about giant bluefin tuna up to 1,000 pounds? That’s just got to get the blood boiling. Make no mistake, though, these fish are not easy. Charter out of Montauk Point, Long Island or Point Judith, Rhode Island. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Some have compared it to hunting bears- you know that they’re not likely to attack you, but the fear factor still exists. That’s why we love to fish for sharks up here in the northeast. Whether you’re looking for an acrobatic mako or a long-tailed thresher, shark fishing remains sport that’s hard to beat. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ahhhhh… Squirrels!!!!! Squirrels? Guys up here kinda/sorta don’t relish the beginning of squirrel season as they do in your part of the country. The staff of has tried to show them the light, but there isn’t a heck of a lot of participation. That’s okay with us. In most northeastern states, squirrel season kicks off the hunting season and we own enough squirrel calls to educate an army. For our money, though, try Haydel’s Mr. Squirrel Whistle ( Looking for a place to hunt? Try any piece of public land. Nobody hunts squirrels but us. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Upland bird hunting is a mainstay of shooting sports in the northeast and woodcock hunting typically kicks off the party. The best wingshooting begins in Maine, northern New Hampshire and northern Vermont in early October and drifts southward as frost progresses. Outdoor Life Online Editor
It’s been said that there is no state richer in bear hunting tradition than your home state of Mississippi. Well, I’ve got one other- Pennsylvania. The general season opens November 19. You haven’t lived until you’ve been on a Pennsy bear hunt. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Whitetail deer: Looking for quality or quantity? If it’s antler quality that you want, try heading into the Catskills (just 2 or so miles from Giants Stadium). New antler restrictions mean bigger bucks this season. Okay, it’s NOT Wisconsin standards, but we’re trying. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Now that Brett Favre is in NY, we gotta show ’em how it’s done.